Los Angeles in the mid-'90s is an intoxicating playground for Swedish exchange student Julia. Expensive, too. And without a green card, finding a job that can pay for her new lifestyle is a difficult proposition until she meets the unscrupulous Ruth, an egg broker who instantly recognizes Julia's lucrative potential as a donor. Taking advantage of her youth and blonde Nordic beauty, Ruth brokers deal after deal for Julia's eggs, getting higher and higher fees with each donation. But when Julia's unprecedented 13th cycle has to be canceled due to a hormonal imbalance that endangers her health, Ruth moves on to greener pastures, leaving the emotionally dependent Julia a confused, angry wreck hell-bent on getting revenge on Ruth for abandoning her so coldly.

'Doug DeVita's breadth of genre and subject matter is awe-inspiring.  He is a man who can put words in my mouth anytime!'
Rob Maitner | Actor /  Upper Division, NELL DASH..., Goddess Of The Hunt 


RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes, no intermission

CAST: 3W Inclusive Casting

NOTE: This script is a work-in-progress; I'm interested in any and all development opportunities.



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