Book co-written with Gary Lyons, from an idea by Gary Lyons*
Music & Lyrics by TBD

Suzanne Woodson, a former star ingenue, and Nora Lee Knebische, a perpetual understudy, meet at an audition for August!, a new musical version of August, Osage County. They are both in their 60s, broke, and desperate. After neither one of them are cast, they have nowhere to go but down. And with the help of Fortrell Williams, a former hoofer turned mega-successful pan-handler, that's exactly what they do: they take the subway by storm, riding their particular brand of musical theater magic to become the toast of under-Broadway.

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RUNNING TIME: 2hrs, 15 minutes, with  intermission

CAST: 2W, 1M + Ensemble

NOTE: This script is a work-in-progress; I'm interested in any and all development opportunities.



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